Ideation to Post Production: An ad film-making agency that turns your brand into a blockbuster!

Lights, Camera and… ACTION!

Bright ideas meet bright lights that take your brand advertising to the next level. Settling for less is not an option when it is about shooting our shot for your top spot! Turning Fresh off-the-paper ideas into eye-catchy ads is one of our million jobs as an ad film-making agency!

Bucket Of Ideas: Penny For Our Thoughts

Brand understanding is king when it comes to shooting a film. From penning down client vision packed with the right emotions and the brand’s placement for the target audience, that's ideation! Turning your brand into a trend with films and ads is our forte. In today’s world, a story makes a big impact. Have a story? We’ll be the storyteller. Or better yet, let's make a film!

Location, Location and Location!

Breaking down the script to jot down the right location for every scene without fail is a big, big task! Here, location rules all! If you’ve found the way to us, then finding the right shoot location for you is no biggie!

Framing It Right: The Edit and Cut of it all!

Making the perfect cut at the right take gives your advertisement the perfect punch. Post-production is all about getting the right narrative shot and maintaining aesthetics. Finding a fitting cutting rhythm and pace helps you fix your narrative. Sounds complicated right? Our edit masters can get it right!

Take Your Pick: Film For You

Showing off your brand? A film can catch the right essence of your brand! Let’s find your brand’s filmy type! Whitedot Adverts works with TV commercials, feature films, advertisements and infographics.

Focus On You: AD Films

Who doesn’t love a good story? Bright lights that focus on your brand and bring out emotions from a creative and fun perspective to get you the spotlight and make your brand the star. Let’s tell a good story and show them who’s the real star.

Suits, Case and Action: Corporate Films

Looking to bond with your employees? We’ve got the right filmy bond. Have a message for your employees? A film speaks for itself. Creativity is the edge that makes corporate films fabulous! A film can captivate the right elements of your company and entice the audience at the same time.

Discover Your Natural Brand: Documentary Films

Give your brand a realistic touch. Turning reality into films that not just entertain, but focuses on the awareness that highlights your brand. Let’s shoot the right shot to take you to the top spot!

Got The Popcorn? Because We Made You A Blockbuster: Feature Films

How do I keep my audience engaged? Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. That’s all it takes. Oh! Another thing. You choosing to make a feature film with us (wink, wink).

Covering Your Every Dimension: 2D | 3D Animation Films

One angle or every angle? Whatever the angle, we are the right triangle when it comes to making the film! You, Your Brand and Whitedot Adverts is the right triangle to make a fantastic film!

Your Information Meets Visual Satisfaction: Infographic Films

Cartoons for your brand that catch the eye of your audience and leave an impression. Information need not be boring. We will hook you in with patterns and graphics that make your brand information fun and fantastic!

Films and FAQs

From captivating your audience to showing up more on Search Engine, there are several reasons why you should make an ad film. The most important reason why is to make your brand a big star on the screen and show you off! Ad films can make your brand stand out and show up more in search results.

Depending upon the type of video you would like for your brand. We fix a tentative turnaround time. The video production of longer films like corporate videos could take a week or more, depending on the production requirements and needs.

Yes! We write scripts too! We are a 360-degree agency working on everything from Ideation to Post Production. And yes, we can write for every sector, every industry and every category. Just say the word! We will get our films rolling.

Hiring actors is your call. If you feel that someone's experience and knowledge can deliver your message better, then amazing!

For any more questions, find us behind the camera and we’ll be happy to help!

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