Cast a WEB to capture consumers
With a SITE to win them forever

(Web hacks from your friendly website development company)

Make Money While Sleeping!

Not joking! Don't have a website? Let this be a wake-up call! A good website is your company's salesman that never sleeps. When a wonderful website is in action, you'll get constant attraction! All you need now is the support of a good website development company. Here's a hint: You're on its page!

Come as visitors. Stay as customers!


SEO-friendly Website

Websites with strong SEO strategies always attract attention. The ones without, well even search engines can't remember them! Whitedot Adverts directs all its might towards keeping your website in the spotlight!


A good website flows like water. Perfectly filling every vessel - no matter the size. For wisdom, websites that render well on a device of any size, and more, just contact us!


Fast Loading Speed

Let's bring you up to speed. Being instant is the new favourite. If your website doesn't load in a flash, then your visitors will surely vanish in a flash! Fear not, the key to giving your website speed is right here!


SSL Certificate

Who doesn't like security and authenticity? Get an SSL certificate to secure user data, make it known that you and only YOU are the owner of your website, and build trust with users.

UI/UX Design

Smooth functioning feels so good, right? That is exactly what good UI and UX provide! This coupled with our beautiful designs, turns your website into a jaw-dropping sight!


Free Website Maintenance

Maintenance is a must because for your website to perform at its peak, it needs to be cared for properly. With us, enjoy 6 months of free maintenance!

Let’s Weave a Web!

Web development is introducing your business to the digital world. Being flawless in every factor matters here. From the colour of the text you read to the way every page performs, teams of designers and developers aim to deliver the best experience here. At Whitedot Adverts, our mission is to make your vision leave people speechless! If it's related to your website, then this is where it's done right!
Is it static that you want? One that shows the same content to every consumer? Or aiming for a dynamic one? One that displays different data based on the viewers' choice. Is it an e-commerce website to boost sales or a general website to generate awareness? Your website reflects your work, so let's set a vision and get to work!
Why search the Whole-Wide-World when the answer's already here? Want people to fall for your website at first sight? Then we're the name that should be on your mind!

For FAQ’s Sake!

Riddle me this: I am a question without a solution. I am Math's best friend and something that friends shouldn't have.
What am I?
A problem.
Well, here's the solution!